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Postby Jordan » Sat Jul 14, 2012 8:31 pm

1.1 This website is aimed toward a general audience. Explicit and vulgar language, drug talk, nudity, pornography and so forth is not allowed.

1.2 Do not mini-mod. We would like to encourage and thank our members to use the Report button, without adding their own criticism. Examples of this include - "Lock this thread!", "warn this user", "ban this user", etc...

1.3 All publicly displayed messages are only limited to English. This includes posts, titles, signatures, profiles, and other forms of public display unless told otherwise by a staff member.

1.4 When posting a new topic; please do not name the topic title as something similar to "HELP ME" - Instead, a better topic would be "Help me with Modding My Gamertag" - It looks better, and more people will respond to it that way.

1.5 Signatures must not contain anything illegal, explicit material. The same rule applies for avatars and banners.

1.6 Do not create a new thread on a topic that is currently already in discussion. Regardless of if you "feel" you deserve to have your own thread, the existing thread should be used unless an Admin or Mod instructs otherwise.

1.7 The website's Staff reserve the right to lock and/or delete any posts or threads which they deem irrelevant or frivolous at their own discretion.

1.8 Please use the SEARCH feature of the forums before posting threads that address errors, problems, questions, and almost ANYTHING. Chances are someone has already asked the same question and received an answer. Please search before starting a new thread.

1.9 Impersonating Staff members is not allowed and you will be perma-banned from the site immediately. This includes telling others you are staff or having staff badges as your avatar/signature.

1.10 Do not ask for/sell/trade reputation or thanks. Do not ask/beg for reputation or thanks for any reason. Doing so will result in a warning and possibly a few day ban. Griping about reputation or thanks will not be tolerated, and will result in a warning/ban as well.

1.13 Any type of Sales/Trades/Giveaways are prohibited on XBLForums. (e.g. Youtube/Runescape/Xbox ect...)

1.14 Posting of Private Messages will not be tolerated. It violates the rights of the user in question. Private messages are to remain just that, private. This rule applies board-wide unless stated otherwise by a staff member.

1.15 Profile View Boosting - When you knowingly have your total visitors to your profile boosted. If you are caught on either side of the rule you may face a warning/suspension.

1.16 Providing a download for any file which is designed to harm or disrupt a computer, network, or any other electronic entity will result in an instant ban from the site. Examples of these malicious files include, but are not limited to: Viruses, Network stressing tools (host booters, botnets, etc), worms, and IP grabbers.

1.17 Posting of information related to warnings you have received will not be tolerated. They are for you only and no one else to see. This rule applies site-wide unless stated otherwise by a staff member.

1.18 Referral sites - Any referral site is to not be discussed. Failure to abide to this rules will result in a warning, and a ban.

1.19 Multiple Accounts - A single person is allowed ONE account, there is no need for someone to have more one account for this website. If we find you have multiple accounts and IF none are banned we will ban all but the main account for you. If we find you have multiple accounts and any of them are banned then all accounts related to the main user will be permanently banned from this website.

If you happen to violate any of the rules posted above, the following punishments against you may be undertaken:

Edit or removal of post(s)
Edit or reset of reputation
Removal of privileges
The locking or deletion of topics
Temporary/Permanent ban at staff discretion
Edit of signature or avatar if in violation of rules
Increase of the Warning Level
Removal of offender's posting rights
Suspension of the offender's user account
Deactivation/Deletion of the offender's user account
Restriction of an IP/IP range
Other punishments felt necessary by the Administrators.

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